The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is the world?s leading and highest third party certification for organic fibres. GOTS certification guarantees the entire fabric manufacturing process follows strict environmental and ethical protocols.

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american collective - the feel good agenda

the feel good agenda

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1% For The Planet is a global organization, with more than 1,800 member companies in more than 45 countries, working together for a healthier planet. Brands that feature the 1% For The Planet logo on their products give 1% of sales annually to vetted and approved environmental nonprofits of their choice. Since their beginning, 1% For the Planet and its members have given more than $200 million to support approved environmental nonprofits. These organizations are helping to protect land, forests, rivers and oceans, make agricultural and energy production more sustainable, getting toxins out of the environment, plastics out of the oceans and more. 

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american collective - the feel good agenda
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